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wooden panels such as fabrics

With Alpidoor Atelier, Alpine expands its Alpine Atelier collection: it is multilaminar wood counters as if they were woven. AlpiDoor Atelier, whose coordinated design by Matteo Ragni, the new line of door panels, addressed mainly to architects and designers who want to create custom ports, even in small quantities. The range comes in three different textures: leaf, herringbone and column. The peculiarity that characterizes the three designs to be able to always maintain the same plot of the drawing, even after downsizing of various larghezze.AlpiDoor Atelier also allows you to give a touch of uniqueness to the finished product: Professionals can design, draw and to realize their dignity to direct it to a specific project.

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New hot hues

Lampliamento the Atelier Collection of Alpine concerns linserimento new hot shades inside the already existing color palette. Alpi offers an enrichment of the range of shades like mud, desert and tortora.Trame and sophisticated tones are the stars of an advanced design, which results in a product, processed and treated as if it were fabric. AlpiSoul finally represents the natural evolution of AlpiRaw line, which was renamed to better describe the essence. The particular surface of AlpiSoul woods evokes the idea of u200bu200ban aged wood over time, naturally eroded by weather and mirror of its history.