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  • Bellotti panels

Plywood composite monolithic

Bellotti specialized in the production of plywood assembled with innovative and technological materials with properties of thermal and acoustic insulation and marketing of timber and semi-finished products from around the world. In 2009 he obtained the FSC and PEFC certifications, which guarantee the Traceability chain, ie the possibility of being able to go back to all the individual processing stages. Laripan Xe a monolithic composite panel for the manufacture of thermally insulated wooden covers. Laripan Xe satisfies all in one package laying the three basic requirements of a roof structure and thermal insulation thanks to the new-extruded polystyrene foam insert offers unelevata energy efficiency with smaller thickness than allinserto standards. Lintradosso available with numerous customizable finishes; Moreover Laripan Xe can be left exposed or painted, ensuring a pleasant aesthetic result.

  • Bellotti panel

Naturalness, authenticity and modernity

Laristone Bellotti a line of special decorative panels with wooden supports (possible, according to the needs, choose between compensated and composites) coated with veneer of true natural stone. The panels of LariStone line are the ideal solution for those who want naturalness, authenticity and detail modernit.In, LariStone offers: lightness: thanks to the wooden support and downs of the stone veneer thicknesses; thermal insulation, the latter peculiarities of some of Bellotti composite panels; Because aesthetics can choose from many types and different chromaticity natural stone; natural to the touch: the real stone veneer, and also why each panel has unique characteristics in terms of texture and shades.