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Decorative Panels: R&S continues

The Friars Group one of the largest Italian manufacturers of particleboard, MDF (both raw and melamine) at high pressure, in different types for different applications. The company places a significant emphasis on consistent quality of the products, the continuous design and design research: this is supported by the invaluable assistance of experienced professionals in the field of architecture, design and colore.Oggi the Group Friars from the point of view of decorative It provides maximum support to its customers for the needs related to the white, solid colors and wood shades thanks to a color palette of over 1200 decorative. Despite this important range, available samples, Gruppo Frati, thanks to the technician's own research and development department Tailoring division, every day has the objective of evaluating the various trends dictated by the fashion of the moment to propose new decorative that can meet the demands of their customers by placing it in a position to be competitive on a global scale.

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Friars group: the Urban Project

The Urban style a way of life and how this affects the way they dress, to conceive their own space and consequently to furnish their homes. the past brought to our times, to revive the environments and the materials that have made history: a remake of the vintage with the modern tecnologie.Per this reason are in synergy and in perfect combination with cement, iron, sheet metal oxidized, elaborate carpentry by time, matched with new and futuristic, elegant materials, soft, creating a perfect balance between the past and the future, in a transitional presente.Per regard to decorative, with the Urban project Gruppo Frati Tailoring Division, will demonstrate that everything we can in any room of the house where you live, to your interior which was inserted therein, in combination with the ports that must be an integral part of our style. In a hypothetical loft restored from a disused factory, the next Expo Sicam 2014, will be replicated rustic decorative and material, different materials, modern and elegant woods, a fil-rouge of the story, the newspaper and tomorrow.