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  • Fantoni panels and finishes

New construction technologies of panels and finishes

A turnover of around 400 million euros and over 1200 employees distributed in the seven companies of the group are the result of over a century of know-how in woodworking. Novolegno, Lesonit, La-con, Patt, and Spik Iverica, alongside Fantoni, the protagonist of this article, in the constitution of an autonomous production system that follows the wood from the raw material stage to that of the finished product. Fantoni exhibited a roundup of the “classics” of the Acoustic Paneling Division, and a novelty that completes the range of acoustic products: the flush-to-the-wall door. It is a solution that guarantees aesthetic continuity to the walls, allowing to avoid annoying interruptions in design and finishing. The designer is the arch. You were Goshen.

  • Fantoni panel

Panel microperforation technology

To expand the range of perforated sound-absorbing systems and make the panel increasingly "light" visually, Fantoni introduces a technology for micro-perforating the panel, making it acoustically performing and visually pleasing. It is therefore a sound-absorbing panel made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard ) with low formaldehyde emission (class E1). The nano-perforation is 0.5 mm in diameter with 2 x 2 pitch on the front (250,000 holes x m2), while on the back of the panel it is 5 mm in diameter with 16 x 8 pitch. Besides the high acoustic performance, the advantages are all on the surface: discreet and elegant, this system favors the sense of continuity of the surfaces, allows you to design spaces by working custom made with both melamine and veneer coverings.