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Two panels, two techno surfaces

Opera3B, which specializes in techno surfaces for the mobile sector, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2016, presents MAXXIGLOSS and MAXXIMATT, two panels are complementary and which have unique performance qualities of their kind. Real tools for businesses, but also for architects, designers and product Dinterni, MAXXIGLOSS and MAXXIMATT lend allimpiego for vertical surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and interior, but also for horizontal as plans table, console panels, shelves and tops. Thanks to the high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and the particular product characteristics of their surface color, even under the effect of direct light, the Opera3B panels are performing well in the long term, and therefore ideal for contract contexts they provide an intense and constant use. The application of Opera3B finishes, for a result from the maximum reliability, takes place on MDF and chipboard class P2 CARB FSC certified, in compliance with international regulations for safety and eco-compatibility.

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Brilliant or matt?

MAXXIGLOSS and MAXXIMATT are tecnolamine PVC Free, patented Opera3B, treated with bright acrylic paints 92 gloss or matt, gloss 5. Besides having a characteristic dalleffetto surprising aspect, both finishes have a tight seal and ensure faithful color reproducibility of tones, available in some standard or custom-made to fit any need to style or placement . The stability of the color, also, allows to obtain batches perfectly identical to each other and to solve, so, any problem in the case of additions of new panels to pre-existing structures, or in the case of substitutions. MAXXIMATT characterized by a smooth surface to the touch, warm, and especially anti impronte.Infine, a few words about Opera3B, which proposes broad an offer of products, from unique technique for performing quality, functionality and flexibility. Opera3B a division born from the experience of over seventy years of 3B, a manufacturer of surfaces and semi-finished for furniture The industry. Purpose of Opera3B contact The industry and revolutionize the sector of design and project, as well as, in parallel, redesigning the approach, The application and the perception that the designers of materials and surfaces.