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  • Slalom acoustic panels

Acoustic insulating panels

The most discussed topic among architects at the moment? Without a doubt the Acoustics. What is the innovative aspect of this theme? For several years we have been discussing acoustics in terms of insulation, of insulating materials used within architectural structures, aimed at guaranteeing the achievement of the levels established by law. With the change in the configurations of the space, the typology of living and living in the work and domestic environments, the focus has shifted to interior design, to comfort within the environments where we spend most of our time. acoustics today finally relates to the human dimension, to the habits of users and no longer just to the structural architectural aspect. Deepening and carrying out an accurate research on the themes of acoustics, I came across an interesting and stimulating reality: Slalom. Slalom is an innovative company, focused on development and research in the acoustic field, both in terms of know-how and design. The philosophy of this company focuses not only on developing and offering high-performance products such as acoustic panels in terms of sound absorption, but also on studying in depth the habits of users, the way of living and using the space, in order to guarantee the best internal comfort. The products are therefore not seen as simple objects but as an integral part of the space, elements strictly related to the user. Slalom represents a real starting point; a company that invests in a new concept of internal comfort, giving a strong signal on the importance of well-being in living spaces.Slalom is also at the forefront in research in partnership with important universities, in the organization of workshops and meetings with various operators in the sector (architects, companies, local authorities) with the aim of fueling and creating new interest in acoustics and studying new solutions and future scenarios.

  • Slalom acoustic panels

Sound insulation panels

And speaking of future scenarios, I found one of their workshops truly illuminating, where acoustics were analyzed as a physical element of the space and considered on a par with light and internal temperature. This consideration, which at first reading may seem obvious, instead hides within itself a really important step towards the development of a new awareness about "feeling". If I am cold, for example, I decide to cover myself; if the sun is strong, I wear sunglasses ... what can I do instead to improve my acoustic comfort, my feeling? Slalom offers a great variety of sound-absorbing panels designed to meet the needs of different types of spaces: from the office environment to restaurants, from congress halls to hospitals, from libraries to airports… with the aim of creating an open, welcoming, fluid, modifiable space. Slalom acoustic panels offer a great variety of different colors, finishes and shapes. But the heart of the product, the sound-absorbing structure, comes from the automotive world and we find it in all Slalom products. Using the know-how of the automotive world is a guarantee of quality and reliability, as this is the first sector in history and tradition to design and use low-volume acoustic panels. Attention to the technical and performance aspects joins in Slalom with the care for the use of ecological, sustainable and recyclable materials. The philosophy of the company is a “green” philosophy at 360 °. This aspect also makes Slalom an innovative reality and in step with the challenges of our time. The innovative aspect of the company was recently recognized by Material Connexion among others. As an architect, I believe that their support in acoustically analyzing the spaces and recommending the correction strategy in the various projects is an important help to always solve the challenge of acoustic comfort in indoor environments in the best possible way, thus transforming each project into a space of wellness. Curated by the architect Beatrice Fanchini