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Implement acoustic comfort

Specializing in the production of dividers and acoustic panels, Slalom describes through its products, inspired dall'essenzialit lines, as well as modularity, modularity, innovation, as well as by strong dynamism and high capacity to respond to different needs . Slalom All items are designed to meet the highest level European and international regulations. Each space can be created, divided, thanks to the flexibility of thought Slalom separators, meeting the functional and aesthetic requirements of space planning, integrated to fundamental issues such as acoustics and ecology. The Ecoflex line consisting of flexible freestanding panels, to develop the spatial division in maximum freedom

  • Slalom acoustic panels

acoustic sensitivity, aesthetic and ecological

Slalom reconfirms the research aptitude elimpegno to environmental sustainability in a new collection of products born from the desire to revalue recycled materials (PET) to create a line of recycled panels and recyclable at the end of their lives. These fiber panels monomateric 100 # 37 Polyester using technological innovations to minimize the environmental impact during their production, maintaining the winning features of typical flexibility of Slalom products. The company combines in a completely innovative research of the quality of the space, in terms of aesthetics and acoustic performace: sound-absorbing products intervening wall, ceiling, desk and freestanding to achieve acoustic comfort enriching the color space.