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  • Saib panels

Register ennobled panels

If you think of modern, latest generation panels, Saib belongs to the rose of the major manufacturing companies. Suffice it to say that it produces over two million panels a year for the best Italian furniture industry: the major furniture and design brands use Saib panels for the production of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and office furniture. . The continuous search for new models and finishes, the continuous investment in high-performance and safe materials, have made Saib a trusted partner, which, of course, is present at Sicam in Pordenone.

  • Saib panels

Ennobled panels

Particularly interesting is the Jump line by Saib (in the first image), which faithfully reproduces the essence, elegance and naturalness of solid wood to the eye and to the touch. It is a revolutionary line of register ennobled panels in line with the rigorous fashion-trends that animate interior design and contemporary architecture. Jump melamine panels are practically indistinguishable from authentic solid wood, and are developed to achieve a result of extreme comfort, warmth and authenticity. The proposed finishes adapt perfectly, for example to the water-resistant panels, recommended in the bathroom area, without sacrificing style and functionality. But they are also perfect in combination with solid colors and pastel colors, suitable for children's bedrooms, therefore a product in line with the most refined Italian style and the concrete needs of our times, with a competitive quality / price ratio. The innovative processing conceived by Saib represents a qualitative leap in the industrial production of the historic Italian company and offers a perfect guarantee of reproducibility, reduced costs and customizable style solutions.