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  • Fantoni Acoustic systems

curved sound-absorbing panels

The first edition of Space&Interiors, Fantoni has presented its acoustic solutions, rimarcandone especially versatility and plasmabilit. The proposals were in fact all curved. It treated of sinuous forms that have broken the traditional rigid geometries while maintaining the materiale.Ma acoustic performance we talk about the main product. 4akustik has revived the proven structure of sound-absorbing systems Fantoni for the improvement of the acoustic quality of the environment, but to introduce a new formula that achieves top performance in safety and healthiness. 4akustik fact conforms to the F 4-star standard according to JIS standard, certified by the Japanese government and considered the most rigorous in the world, relative to the very low formaldehyde content and thus protecting the environment. A highly environmentally friendly product, therefore, suitable allutilizzo in public environments where the client search high technical performance combined with sustainable solutions, without neglecting aesthetic appearance. 4akustik also in class B-s2, d0 (EC classification) regarding the reaction to fire.

  • curved sound-absorbing systems

acoustic systems of great aesthetic impact

Like the other products of Acoustic Panelling range, 4akustik presents unestetica valuable thanks to the many available that add decorative acoustic comfort unulteriore visual dimension. Countless finishes available, from the traditional to the more natural (from the wooden rails allMDF raw ISB) to those such as 3d finish that enhances the aesthetic possibilities by playing to the touch and to the natural texture view of the ceiling instead legno.A there was Passepartout, dellarchitetto Eri Goshen, a modular system composed of panels of different sizes and types of drilling or milling. This system allows to organize the spaces between one panel and another, free from any dimensional constraint, ensuring proper placement and easy access as much of the sound-absorbing panels of the installations of any type and form.