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  • decorative panels for walls

Decorative panels for walls

The two- or three-dimensional decorative panels represent a new type of decoration for walls and walls, which is enjoying considerable success in recent times, since deffetto An alternative is to simply painting, as well as to all tiled surfaces or use of cards by parati.??Spesso are provided with surface reliefs that allow you to play with light, developing various optical effects and transforming in this way in a tool more in the hands of interior designers and architects, but also of simple users to customize the pareti.Limpiego of these decorative panels to cover one or more walls of a building has not only transformed them into a mere border in a creative and original residential and contract use, conveying greater movement to define a environment, but in a real darredo element. ?? The 3D decorative panels are made, in general, plastic resin material on a wooden base, but much used are also versions made with ecological materials made from bamboo cane derivatives, sugar cane and bagasse. ?? it can apply to the wall with glue, screws or nails, that the various systems of pose in work of rigid panels. Equally fast their removal, if it were necessary.?

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