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  • French Palette

A collection inspired by eighteenth-century French painting

Alpi , a leading company in the production of decorative composite wood surfaces , inaugurates spring 2021 by launching the new French Palette collection , once again the result of the partnership with Piero Lissoni , world-renowned architect and designer as well as art director (since 2015) of the brand itself .

The formal and aesthetic exploration of the expressive languages of wood sees color as the protagonist this time: Alpi raises the bar and goes beyond the natural veins and shades of wood, drawing inspiration from French painting of the early eighteenth century , characterized by delicate, refined and light nuances and at the same time enriched by a touch of bold luminosity.

Sartorial attitude meets aesthetic culture: every single color has been studied by Lissoni with the experts of the Alpi technical office in order to find the optimal calibration and obtain the desired effect.

  • Alps French Palette
  • Alps French Palette
  • Alps French Palette

Modern and at the same time ancient colors

The new colors designed for Alpi - explained Piero Lissoni referring to the French Palette - are very modern but at the same time ancient. I treated the wood as if it were a fresco, we passed from the painting of the Enlightenment century and the French iconography of the early eighteenth century, but first I stopped to look at the paintings by Veronese and Titian. They are hieratic colors and at the same time they speak a great modernity.

A result obtained also thanks to the special Alpi production process ; we recall that the Emilian company was the first to industrialize the manufacturing process of wood and that it created the Alpilignum veneer , breaking down and then reassembling the real logs. More precisely, the latter are peeled and dyed by immersion, then we proceed by overlapping the dyed sheets and recreating new trunks. Thus, an infinity of essences, finishes and decorations can be obtained. In the catalog and bespoke .

They are wooden surfaces that make countless design approaches possible and satisfy the most diverse needs of designers and creatives.

  • Alps French Palette

The uses of Alpi wood surfaces

Alpi veneer can be used in the most varied interior design projects, to cover large surfaces (for example walls and boiserie) but also furniture and various types of objects. It can also be used as a decorative panel. It is often used in the automotive and nautical sectors and in contract environments.

In all cases these surfaces are reproducible over time , which represents an important added value. We remind you that the woods used by the Alps (poplar, lime and ayous) come from responsible and sustainable forest management , which operates with the utmost respect for biodiversity.

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