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Tesa double-sided adhesive

Tense, with its 125 years of experience, is part of the rose of the leading manufacturers of world-wide adhesive solutions for multiple industry sectors, including those dellarredamento and production of double-sided adhesive mobili.I tense ACXplus, for example, represent the line product with the most high performance never realized by tense. They are ideal for the fixing of decorative panels made of glass or plastic, of surfaces difficult to be adhesive, of glass doors or acrylic glass on aluminum and wood. Thanks to the double-sided adhesive tesa 4952 the permanent fixing of mirrors on darredamento components becomes simple and easy. It possesses unimmediata and high fixing power.

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adhesive solutions

For fixing anti-dust brushes in plastic or light decorative elements in aluminum, plastic or wood, double-sided tape tense 51970 optimal product for smooth surfaces while for slightly uneven we recommend using the double-sided foam tense 62505 .Invece breeze 4965 the ideal product for the attachment of plastic profiles or aluminum, for the protection of the edges and for fixing of PVC or wood profiles battenti.Inoltre doors on some of the many advantages that the double-sided adhesive breeze can offer are: invisible fixing; application process easier and faster, improved appearance of the finished product; sealing function

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