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  • customized glass

Glass for professionals

Vetreria Re has been dealing with glass processing for more than 25 years and specializes in tailor-made solutions, in which the project is an integral part of the realization. technological applications of glass, both to individuals who want creative and functional proposals that only glass can offer. Vetreria Re follows the customer from the design and feasibility study, up to assistance during the construction phase and after-sales service. Each creation of Vetreria Re is transformed into a unique object, a true work of art.

  • glass made to measure for furnishing

Curved glasses and crystals

Widely used for the development of shower enclosures and other architectural elements, in the nautical, railway and automotive sectors, for the production of display counters for the food sector, in the field of lighting and light design and in many other production sectors. curved glass and crystal are highly specialized elements that represent one of the flagships of the production of Vetreria Re di Nerviano, a reference company in the sector of glass and crystal processing in Lombardy since 1989, and later also in the rest of Italy and of Europe, Vetreria Re guarantees absolute precision machining and even very complex glass and crystal creations