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  • flat glass applications from Vetrotec

Glasses for furnishing

Furnishing accessories, mirrors, shelves, doors, shower cubicles, sinks, tops and backs for kitchens: the common denominator is flat glass, so important in the design furniture sector for its eclecticism, its elegance, its timeless nature. Many companies specialized in its processing, among which Vetrotec stands out, at the center of a business philosophy that intends to overcome the limits of the classic sector production to embark on a path of continuous and further evolution of the art of glass. of technicians, skilled workers, designers, painters, gluers, artisans, accountants, accounts and managers selected over time, which allows the company to operate at the highest levels with a team that is as close-knit as it is agile, capable of working flexibly, like a only man. The care of human resources, in addition to technological ones, is therefore an indispensable element at the basis of the entrepreneurial path, increasingly directed towards a global quality.

  • Vetrotec flat glass

Interior furniture glass

But what are the types of flat glass treated by Vetrotec? Float, extra-clear, bronze, gray, smoked, printed, mirrors and more, while the thicknesses worked are as follows: 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 19 mm Speaking of processing, Vetrotec specializes in cutting, polished wire, drilling, painting, screen printing, tempering, bending and many more.In the development of any project, for Vetrotec the maximum proximity to each customer is essential in the long process of realization, from the idea to the glass, offering the know-how of an entire team of work.