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  • curved glass Curvet

The curved glass for classroom environments

As water has no angle, so the glass does not have the word of Curvet edge, successful enterprise specializing Nellambito of curved glass, and plan for small and large forniture.Ma who are the main clients of Curvet? The dellarredo compartments, bathroom furniture, automotive, handling, marine, construction, architecture, street furniture, appliances, lighting and new technologies. The great merit of ?? Curvet to have been able to innovate the natural material, to develop or almost as infinite solutions, almost always customized. Not for nothing, the leader in technology and production in this field and has established unexpertise in the curvature of the glass, including the large plates.

  • Curvet curved glass

Safe curved glass

The enterprise provides efficient responses to safety demand for widespread use of glass, offering altres allarchitettura incredible opportunity for the original Didee development, which subsequently realizzer the company to measure. Also Curvet one of the companies that most sponsors the benefits of nellarredamento glass, a natural raw material offering numerous advantages and benefits. Currently it revived as a solution for applications in numerous areas, for an elegant and timeless element. It is indeed infinite resource: recyclable, flexible, which makes it possible even extreme projects, high performance.?

  • external Curvet

curved glass for interior and exterior

Curvet offers a very wide range of combinations: the curvature of the glass are all special and almost always customized, possible glasses are different. They can be selective, low-emissivity, fireproof, noise, intrusion detection, hurricane, with integrated LEDs, with The application of films, water repellent, colored and painted glass, silk-screen printed, with reproduction of photographic images and Via Marche dicendo.L'impresa able to meet every need of designers and planners, even for outdoor environments: an example the curvature of the visible pool nellultima image. Thanks to an experience forty years, the flexibility of the plant and allelevata production capacity, Curvet provides various solutions for the application of curved glass floor, in any context.