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environmentally friendly polyurethane foam

Sitab has been producing environmentally friendly polyurethane foam since the 1970s, offering purchasing offices and designers a truly wide range

Filling materials Sitab

There, along with an experience of years, are the crucial aspects to develop safe accessories, well made and functional, from design up to date and exclusive. A brand that offers its customers the experience of a very prepared team and qualified: all Sitab there, which performs a wide range of accessories The industry elartigiano mobile. Sitab has continuously developed a production concept where technology mixes with genialit and commitment in expanding the production department and the design center. Sitab talks to the designers, to really meet the needs of customers with products with high quality standards, for specialist use destinations. Accessories must ensure minimal aesthetic impact on the end-use applications: the goal of Sitab to iron out difficulties avoiding techniques that have influence on the appearance, facilitating a high level of customization by the customer.