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  • environmentally friendly polyurethane foam

Innovation in polyurethane foam

Sitab's presence in the world of polyurethane foam dates back to 1971. The company has undergone a continuous evolution by including high resilience (HR) and British Standard flame retardant products (CM and CM HR) in the range, eventually developing an innovative production technology based on MDI. of the few equipped with two different production lines to make the most of the different technologies of polyurethanes, TDI-based and MDI-based, the latter more recent and innovative.Sitab aims to make the most of the new rich market segments in the field of 'furniture-design and bedding that require quality, comfort and respect for the environment, objectives that can guarantee potential for growth and development.

  • Sitab polyurethane

The strengths of Sitab polyurethanes

The healthiness of Sitab polyurethane is guaranteed by the international Oeko Tex and Certipur certifications and by the production process based on water, a natural element. In particular, the Air line offers maximum breathability for total hygiene. Air products are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. Sitab polyurethane, made up of excellent raw materials, is itself antibacterial and anti-mite. Lying on a sheet of Air polyurethane transmits a pleasant feeling of welcome and lightness without ever exceeding the annoying "quicksand" effect. Finally, the polyurethane produced by Sitab is a friend of the planet because it is foamed with water and is 100 # 37 recyclable.