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Polyurethane foams

Orsa Foam, a company has always been oriented to innovation and technological research, has developed a new generation of polyurethane foams that can radically change the normal conception of sleep. He spent little time by the appearance of new products presented by the company at the Interzum show in Cologne, during which they met with great interest the new types of Breeze range, which is enhanced by a variation of viscoelastic from 40 kg / m3 two new variants in high resilience version 32 kg / m3 and 40 kg / m3 and a new type that embodies the best of s Orsa foam technology in a single product called Thermo Breeze.Thermo Breeze redefines the boundaries enclosing comfort all in one package type some of its most innovative technologies: the viscoelastic technology that minimizes the pressure points and distributes the weight over the entire surface assuming the morphology of the body.

  • Orsa Foam polyurethane foams

Orsa Foam Products

Here we are then to technology Thermo i-fo @ m, in which the microencapsulated PCM create the ideal climate by removing excess heat and returning it when needed. The more open the foam allows for easier passage of body heat by optimizing tion of thermoregulation of the microspheres. The Technology Breeze presents an open cell structure, which ensures unelevata Dellaria permeability and therefore a fast removal of the heat and dellumidit. In addition, the high resistance to aging in the tests of dynamic and permanent deformation effort to allow the foam Orsa quality Breeze to prolong the feeling of well-being while at the time the relaxpi profondo.Infine, what are the main characteristics? Here it is: density 45 kg / m3; lift 1.5 KpA; the product is available in gray in configuration rough block that roll.