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  • Polyurethane foam Pelma

Flexible polyurethane foam

Italian companies are always in "pole position" in terms of innovation. This is demonstrated by a product like Dryflex made by the Brescia Pelma. This is the first hydrophobic flexible polyurethane foam, which can permanently preserve the characteristics of idrofobicit without losing the properties of comfort, breathability and elasticity typical of flessibile.Limpermeabilit to water and foam to liquids in general, it prevents the absorption of aqueous solutions within its cellular structure, thus avoiding the unpleasant feeling of damp. UV-resistant, also allows a longer retention time of the physical and mechanical characteristics of Dryflex.

  • Pelma polyurethane foam

The importance of expanded polyurethane

Thanks to the special Ultrafresh treatment to which it is subjected Dryflex allows to counter the proliferation of bacteria, among the primary causes of asthma and allergic diseases, and mold, the main reason for the bad odor and the degradation, being able, in this way, to preserve in over time the cleanliness and freshness of the polyurethane. Just using Dryflex Joint was developed (in the first image), the first couch in the hydrophobic material that can repel lacqua.Ricordiamo that Pelma enterprise leader in cutting-edge and flexible polyurethane foam production in a production wide range of polyurethane foams with different physical-mechanical characteristics and behavior in fire, able to respond to the various needs of the market. Always attentive to sustainable development, Pelma installed the VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming), a facility, unique in Italy and among the seven worldwide, pushing even more forward the limits of polyurethane foams eliminating any auxiliary blowing agent , for a final material completely environmentally friendly and recyclable.