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Feather for furniture

As part of the cushioning material, a feather for quality furniture plays an essential role: not at all, purchasing departments are counting on ...

Filling materials Cinelli

Present on the market for some time, Cinelli caters industry and the furniture craftsman with a complete collection of components. The relentless determination, hand in hand with experience which has continuously invested make it a reference for the industrial reality of the furniture sector, duly to the variety of components for specific destinations that satisfy the most different needs. Cinelli brand among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry. The innovation in every processing, the experience of an enthusiastic team, the spirit of enterprise, the wish and inventiveness are the values u200bu200bthat have always distinguished Cinelli, will accompany the growth path and determine its success. The components developed by Cinelli are developed through involvement in research and development, which allow Cinelli to experiment with new materials and finishes and create unusual combinations, or develop production processes. The challenge of each project? anticipate the needs of business customers, who require innovative responses in fast times and develop customized solutions. The collaboration of design studios, designers and technicians allows us to develop components capable to fully satisfy the real needs of business customers, with whom Cinelli conduct an ongoing dialogue. The duration of which Cinelli guarantee also demonstrated by prestigious certifications obtained from each of the brand, which observes the guidelines.