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At Sicam 2016 Citterio Line will present new models of furniture handles with current and high-end lines such as article 406 and article 400.

Handles at Eurocucina

Eurocucina handles: they are those of Citterio Line, which always gives great importance to the cabinet Because he really believe in the combination ...

handles Jungle Touch Bosetti Marella

Pareciper at Sicam 2015 Bosetti Marella, the company that represents the history of the handle and the furniture decoration style

manigle design Citterio Line

Office design purchases and studies can count on Citterio Line, prominent enterprise in the production of handles for furniture The industry, which ...

Handles for doors design

The most famous brand of handles develop real design elements also for the doors: one of these Confalonieri Group

bedrooms handles

For the furniture sector, which has always FOP produces accessories and components, including for children rooms handles, with targeted and ...

Lancini ornamental hardware

Fonderia Artistica Lancini produces handles, knobs, keys, escutcheons and friezes in style with customizations and fine finishes.

Knobs and handles

Company leader in the production of knobs and handles and accessories for mobile, Pamar always reliable partner for leading companies in the world ...

Purchasing offices and design firms can count on Citterio Line handles for beautiful and functional, combining technology and design

Citterio Giulio handles

Handles for furniture with a typical Italian touch: Citterio Giulio has been offering them to buyers of the big names in furniture design since 1945

Confalonieri handles

Ergonomics and design are well-matched in the handles proposed by Confalonieri Group

Very interesting for buying offices could be factors such as personalization, selected materials and details of Cominfer handles