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Furniture handles

From fifty years FOP produces accessories and components for mobile The industry, including handles for furniture, with targeted solutions, from allindustrializzazione project with the goal to realize qualit.L'impresa products provides the his wealth of experience and know-how, to be recognized as a reliable partner and has unampia range of items, from Children room handles, to plastic and metal feet for rooms, allaccessoristica varies, also made to measure for the customer, in addition to the most recent products such as light panels designed for the different rooms of the house. The furniture component of the FOP are realized mainly using recyclable materials such as plastic resin elalluminio.

  • FOP handles

Furniture components

In the factories of FOP situated exclusively in Italy, the company has chosen to produce in an environmentally sustainable means of a system of photovoltaic panels and adopting a climate control solution with cutting edge technology, which has enabled it to eliminate traditional fuels. Even today, as fifty years' ago, the strength of FOP resides in people, in their ability to carry on a common project, based on values u200bu200bdeeply rooted in the territory, but it looks away towards international markets, making the "Made in Italy "the company philosophy.