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design handles

The handles were never a negligible detail for unanta, indeed often represented just the detail that makes the difference. Lately are the result of accurate ergonomic studies, aesthetic and functional by sector specialists. The most well-known brands develop real design handles, as the major Confalonieri.Di Group as the Matrix collection, design Fabio Casiraghi_Paolo Nava design studio, developed around a design concept that is not limited to shape a function, but try to define a "matrix" whose rows and columns relate multiple design elements: function, shape, size, material and matericit, color and finish, 2D and 3D texture pattern. Their combination gives rise to a collection of mutants for door handles, that is to say capable of entering the root of the mobile project, not more decorative elements to be applied to the finished surface of the door, but rather a part of the whole, often capable of camouflaging , to coordinate, to contrast, to enrich. It is a dedicated system designers and the furniture industry, tool and product at the same time.

  • Confalonieri Group doors

door handles

Matrix is u200bu200bavailable with The insertion of materials such as stone, wood and concrete truth (Combi version). With Blank you can customize Matrix variant by directly entering the desired material (same decorative dellanta: laminate, wood etc. or other materials such as leather). Matrix also available throughout cemento.Altra interesting creation of Confalonieri Group's collection of Edge handles to be positioned on edge here, therefore, products with simple morphologies, clean it sintegrano perfectly in the furniture line without distorting the 'stylistic approach. In the collection it is also easy to install handles, which do not require machining on the leaf.