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  • Confalonieri handles

Functionality of the handles, as well as design

Always the Confalonieri Group has an approach to the product that takes into account the functional and ergonomic factor for a design object to remember. The goal is not the same shape as the end, but a design solution capable of integrating the functionality of a typical mobile utile.Lattenzione to the evolution of the product at the base of Confalonieri project, to permit dialogue between the cabinet itself and the handle: often characterizing unimpugnatura, in other cases a variation of dellanta surface or a respectful basic element of cleaning and linearity; increasingly, an original solution for the opening of the cabinet.

  • handle Confalonieri

Non handles

The handles do not like Mimesi Fabio Casiraghi Studio Nava for Confalonieri sometimes represent a critical reconsideration of the handle for mobile in relation to the recent trend of modern furniture do not put on the mobile a "element applied", a foreign body, but to ensure We cleaning formale.Sono have been developed to handle projects able to communicate with mobile: why are proposed as a deformation of the surface of the cabinet itself and because it can have the same finish of the cabinet; Finally, why can remain discrete or draw on them attention.