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  • Citterio Giulio handles

Italianness, the distinctive feature

Know-how and professionalism, enhanced by a dynamic and avant-garde production structure are the strengths of Citterio Giulio, who since 1945, the year of its foundation, has been developing 100 # 37 made in Italy furniture handles. that of Italian production, which also highlights Giulio Citterio, one of the owners of the company: "Both the design and the production are carried out in Italy, in our headquarters in Renate in the heart of Brianza. Producing in Italy means working closely with the the furniture sector, traditionally the cradle of creativity and innovation. A synergy is created on several levels, in which the influence between the sectors is reciprocal and the exchange of insights leads to a courageous and still winning choice ".

  • Citterio Giulio handle

A careful selection of raw materials

The extreme attention that Citterio Giulio places in the selection of the materials and raw materials with which it produces its handles, are a guarantee of reliability and durability. Originality has always distinguished every creation: all models are registered and protected by Patent Community, in order to certify the novelty of the product and protect the company from continuous counterfeiting actions by unfair competitors.