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The symmetry of a clock hand

Mandelli 1953 proposes Zeit handle, born from the collaboration of Marco Piva, the great protagonist of the international design scene, with the office of research and development of the historic feat of Senna Comasco. It is a handle with an innovative shape, with high technical content and that requires unevoluta production method to which they are matched craft steps. A research work on shapes and materials, new tactile and visual effects that characterize an object of quotidiano.Lo use passage of time metaphor of passage Zeit (time in German) represents the archetype of symmetry dorologio a hand that rotates around a center, remains physically unchanged to changing his direction, but apparently changed dallincidenza light. Twelve months of the year, twelve sectors in the clock-dial ... twelve facets created symmetrically on the body Zeit.

  • Zeit Mandelli 1953

The Zeit time

Research on volume Zeit handle Mandelli 1953 aims to give a new substantial importance to this instrument, while at the same time, a study was made to ensure maximum comfort and lergonomia allutilizzatore finale.Questo model also marks a return allartigianalit: Zeit, which was founded by a sculpted shape, produced through a highly industrialized process dellottone merger, is then expertly finished by hand by skilled craftsmen in order to enhance the appearance volumetric and play of lights and shadows that make it unique and unrepeatable every time. Zeit proposal in polished chrome, satin chrome, shiny gold and gold satin.