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iconic handles

Since 1976, the brand Fusital identifies collections of Handles dAutore that originate from the collaboration with the most famous designers and architects on the international scene. Fusital, now part of the worldwide group ASSA ABLOY, has chosen a number of discontinued models, but highly iconic that can be reissued upon request, within a wide possibility of finishes that only an enterprise with nearly a century of history can garantire.Si is therefore a real asset timeless, that lives thanks to technological know-how of Fusital. To this line belong handles: H 31 Series Otto A Gae Aulenti (1980), H 316 S Series Ninety Sottsass Associati (1991) and H-333 Series P Ninety-eight of Piano Design Workshop (1997) .In the first image, visible H 31 Series Otto a Gae Aulenti. A sinuous line and without continuity solution draws solely from the perspective of the handle: Gae Aulenti realizes for Fusital an accessory in its evocative simplicity performs the function for which it is designed. Impression that the handle takes shape in the hand of the wielder. Equipped with return spring, gently accompanies the opening of the door movement. An ergonomic design, the almost organic shapes and balanced proportions, which still has its own contemporaneity today.

  • Fusital copyright handles

A timeless design

In the second image, you can admire the H 316 S Series Ninety Sottsass Associati, a handle that despite its simplicity becomes a clear and obvious sign on the door. Lergonomia respects, but at the same time it introduces the domestic landscape design element instantly recognizable. A cos basic forms is accompanied unesecuzione extremely careful, almost obsessive, nellattenzione to every detail and aspect of the production process and finishing, common feature allintera proposal Fusital. On the right hand the H P 333 Series Ninety-eight of Piano Design Workshop, with which Renzo Piano and his team give life to a great accessory that combines design simplicity and linearity and matter: the handle seems to materialize from a metallic body it opens almost like a leaf. A distinct and slight stretch on the door that elegantly accompanies a daily gesture.