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In modern settings, the touch of the designer it is perceived by the details. And a designer handle certainly not a minor detail, since gives the door, but also to any other complement, determination, personality, uniqueness. The handles of the design follows the most current trends in shapes and colors, including a purely urban orientation, which nicely sinserisce in large citt.Tra the largest producers of RDS handles stands out, now part of the Giara Srl Group, which presents its new corporate identity with a new line of handles designed to fit in the most innovative architectural trends. The new challenge of RDS is to provide products that combine design and functionality, to deliver high-quality technical and aesthetic solutions in particular to the typical architecture of large cities. The new approach of RDS to the most recent architectural requirements of interior design is expressed in a complete collection of great aesthetic impact, enhancing materials, lines and finishes providing immediate value to each implementation.

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In the first picture visible Kappa RDS handle that comes from a synergy between rigor, softness and modernity. The result of this combination an element determined by the presence and essential lines. His rational line by net forms and decided, fits perfectly with the soft stretch of the inner surface, which makes it pleasant the handle grip while using. Instead for the Skyline line in the second picture, the handles resemble skyscrapers: it is a collection that in its morphology refers to the new horizons urban and metropolitan.