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  • Ferretto Handles handles

Metal handles

The metal handles are decidedly elegant both for classic environments and for contemporary homes. There are companies specializing in metal, which have learned to shape it to make it a unique and special object. One of these is Ferretto Handles, whose production, with the exception of the artistic castings in silver-pewter or brass, is exclusively made of Zama, a zinc alloy combined with small percentages of aluminum, magnesium and copper. The processing at Ferretto Handles takes place by die casting, the most common method of processing this alloy for the production of accessories and components. The hot forging of Zamak allows to obtain details of remarkable precision with complex shapes, guaranteeing excellent quality. The resistance, hardness and ductility make Zamak a very versatile material that lends itself well to subsequent surface finishing processes, such as mechanical processing, diamond polishing, polishing, galvanic treatments and so on.

  • Ferretto Handles handle

Metal handle

Ferretto Handles carries out the entire manufacturing process, from the design and construction of the molds, to the hot chamber molding, up to the cleaning of metals and polishing, galvanic finishes such as chrome plating, nickel plating and copper plating, and special finishes with paints and antiquing processes performed at but no. The experience, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology at its disposal allow Ferretto Handles to transform the creativity of Italian designers into real objects. The project, as well as the prototype and the fine-tuning of each single Ferretto piece, is the result of the encounter between imagination and technique, between creative style and quality of workmanship, all to offer a product completely designed and developed in Italy.The continuous dialogue with designers, but above all with customers allows Ferretto Handles to invest in research, in the applications of new materials and in new types of processing to offer original and innovative products to an ever wider and more demanding market . Design is the main ingredient of various collections, which are inspired by the most original and trendy lines in the current panorama, interpreted and created by an excellent staff in collaboration with some of the greatest Italian talents in the furniture design sector.