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Colombo Design, the handles of 2014

The collection of Colombo Design is further enriched with the technology handles, Electra and Wave, novelty of 2014.L'azienda collection focuses on modernity and compact and relies on the know-how of Momodesign design center for the design of technology, available in dual chromed finish / matt chromed and / carbon. Two distinctive elements of this second model, modern character and gritty: the Cromall and carbon fiber which made The insertion on the front of the handle, characterized Momodesign logo. This particular gives it a distinctive look and Metropolitan.

  • Colombo Design handles

We open the doors with handles of the future!

The minimal and vintage atmosphere also infected domestic environments and Colombo Design engages this trend by presenting the new handle Electra, born from the creativity of Messineo and Settimelli designers. Its boxy and organic form is presented, as well as in chrome and chromed, also in the new color vintage, guaranteed 10 anni.La third proposal Wave, an unreleased handle signed by Marco Piva. Strobe-it slim dellottone elimpugnatura decorated, are the focal points of this new product, available in two finishes guaranteed (zirconium-stainless steel and chromed HPS).