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stainless handles and copper

PBA recognized as the brand Steel Community steel AISI 316L is the most tough, durable and elastic between the steel and the thermoplastic polyamide resin 6, the most even of copper nobile.Ultimamente. The development of the main thematic areas, handles for doors and windows, pull handles and handles with lock, balustrades, the ischial benches and all media for live without barriers, developed in the belief that objects show an environment, he declares his temperament, as well as the illusions, the possibilities and bring to the world a form that does not wax generates precise effects in the lives of each of us.

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international design media

The entire production cycle of PBA concentrated in 12,500 square meters located nellarea companys key production of the Italian North East, known throughout the world for its manufacturing excellence. This type of structure allows complete control over raw materials, on production technologies and on manodopera.PBA aware that each region has different needs, with special requests. To maximize the answers to these specific needs PBA over the years has created an international network: the products are available in more than 50 countries around the world and apart from PBA SpA in Italy, the company listens closely the most important markets with PBA Deutschland GmbH, near Dusserldorf and PBA USA, Inc. in New York.