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A stylistic research that comes from afar

Jar enterprise specialized in the production of darredo complements and accessories for furniture and windows in classic style: these pieces truly unique, in terms of taste and elegance, quality and creativity: Italian artisan products always appeal more success around the mondo.Lantica metallurgical history of bronze casting in the Brescia area, dating back to 1800 BC, is combined well with a stylistic research that takes its cue from different artistic and architectural styles that have crossed the times until today, to arrive at the realization of exclusive products in which art and design come together in a unique creative concept.

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The RDS and Kleis brands

Born in 1991, Kleis international leader in creating handles with contemporary design. The constant pull of this innovative deccellenza laboratory, made Kleis an avant-garde brand, both stylistic and functional terms. A traditionally simple object-function as the handle, becomes the focus of research that speaks several languages u200bu200band enriches the sign function of the object, suggesting the handle itself as a vector unobtrusive cutting-edge design. Instead the strong personality of each RDS product comes from the philosophy behind the brand: research carried out by the best Italian designers, meticulous craftsmanship in the best tradition, the advanced technology of the patented mounting system 3Point and steady growth ensured by the presence of the company in more than sixty countries around the world.