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  • handle Manital

Production # 100 37 Made in Italy

Dates back to 1990, the founding of Manital, company brass handles for doors and windows of Louis dallintraprendenza Bigoloni, stronger than a decade of experience in the industry. The company's strategy as it still says Luigi Bigoloni, that "to combine 100 # design and manufacture 37 Made in Italy, in order to unite aesthetic," .Manital innovation and quality ensures the personalized care of each piece, the quality of materials employees elutilizzo of the most sophisticated industrial technologies, such as the stampaggio.Il model design was created in collaboration with established designers: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Sottsass Associati, Mario Mazzer, Pedrizzetti Associates, Maurizio Giordano and Roberto Grossi, David Mercatali, Valentina Downey, Itamar Harari, Studio Hot Lab.

  • Eight Manital

Eight, the new recessed handle for sliding doors

The striking Otto a recessed handle for sliding doors that stands out for design technology elinnovazione: all in one package plaque characterized by the elegant shape to eight, obtained through the interpenetration of two circles, combine the function of of the door opening and closing. The lower part of eight dedicated to the closure function via pawl, while the upper part allapertura through trascinamento.Otto been drawn for Manital by Mario Mazzer.