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  • designer handle Olivari

Design Handle: Conca

Conca sculptural handle, but at the same time contenuta.Patricia it plays with proportions and features a tactile design: front view, seems to have a 'weight' given by its surface, which instead becomes lighter nellincavo push bar. reduction and essentiality in the lines and in thicknesses instead in Lotus Javier Lopez. Starting with a Zen design, the young architect focuses on detail and slightly softens the edges.

  • designer handle Olivari

Radial handle Rodolfo Dordoni

For Radial Olivari relies on Dordoni restates the principle of his entire work and of 'essentiality, which made his previous Total handle a real bestseller.Se the principle were straight lines and sharp edges, Radial appreciates the curved line, both in the lever which in the rosette. Thanks to the know-how of Olivari, the creativity of designers always perfectly expressed.