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  • Hoppe handles

A handle for every need

The HOPPE handles are considered first choice by professionals. There is a handle suitable for all needs and tastes as HOPPE has a very vasta.HOPPE range not only offers a remarkable variety of design coordinated handles for doors and windows but also develops special solutions. In this way can furnish the house, from the windows to the inner doors until the dentrata door thanks to the handle that furnishes, choosing from a variety of materials: aluminum, brass, stainless steel and resin.

  • handle Hoppe

Three main lines

For all those who want to enrich their environment, HOPPE on a European scale, the leading brand for door and window handles, which correspond to the style of EDARREDO personal life, since each product original HOPPE and impresses with quality valuable to a equo.HOPPE price divided its range into three separate lines duravert, Duraplus and duranorm which represent different needs of price and value for iclienti. Hoppe aims indeed to offer partners an improved overview of the product range, simplifying their search for the handle that furnishes.