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Enrico Cassina, excellence in the handles

OMP Porro since 1946 realizes handles and brass fittings, steel and aluminum, for doors, furniture, windows and furniture in general. "The Porro family has materialized in the space of three generations, his passion for the furnishings, combining the designs of master engravers and engineering precision of the finished object. in the last few years is growing the need of also interpreting the accessories as decorative objects. for this purpose the Porro family has for the prestige of the Enrico Cassina brand offering its stylistic purity philosophy with a wide range of metal objects and tailor-made solutions for a 100 # 37 made in Italy "point out Fabio, Paola and Donata Porro. But we now come to the Collection Fifty Enrico Cassina: these 5 models in pure style years 50, sinuous and captivating, pointing to ergonomics and soft push bar that accompanies the rotation of the wrist and the grip of the fingers .of collection Fifty Enrico Cassina is part of the C068 handle is visible in the photo.

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Handles City Art Deco

The Enrico Cassina brand has enriched the Art Nouveaux style, introducing a new collection of brass handles for doors and windows. This design takes the lines and imposing urban architecture geometries, maintaining a gentle thin morbidezza.Le frames that characterize the plaque, the handles and rosettes are harmoniously balanced whole volumetric object that takes on a clear connotation thereby but at the same time elegantly leggera.La handle collection in full of all the brass plaque variants, rosette, knob, DK, privacy and furniture accessories.