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  • Skyline The paneling system

modular system

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of activity in the production of furniture handles and accessories, Cosmas presented Skyline, the new paneling system for the whole casa.Skyline a modular system consisting of uprights and customized accessories made from aluminum profiles available in different sizes and finishes to fit and enhance any environment. Skyline in production today with: kitchen items midway: aluminum shelf available in different sizes, knife rack, toilet paper holder and hook, bottle holders, supports and glass shelves and plywood, customizable columns bathroom equipped with shelves, towel holder, cup holder, toilet roll holder and toilet brush holder.

  • Cosma paneling system

furniture component systems

Cosma is proposed to companies in the furniture industry as a partner for the study, design and production of unique parts and components of high quality. Experience accumulated over sixty years of study and collaborations with leading dellarredamento European brands, combined with continuous technological development and attention to detail, make a point of Cosma reliable reference for increasing the personality of its furnishings .Maniglie and accessories are manufactured in a wide range of finishes and materials, characterized by high design standards, research and development, prototyping and production. Flexibility and customer focus are the strengths and the elements necessary to find the best solutions to the market needs.

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