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  • bed nets

The heart of the health

Three generations completely devoted to an enterprise of networks for the bed, which blooms up to become a benchmark in its sector. We are talking about Essedue.A produce wire mesh begins the grandfather, William Suncini; the company, SG2, precisely reported the initials of the surname and the William and Gianni names: then the son, now the pap of Suncini brothers commanding Essedue, the company dedicated to timber networks, such as Omega, characterized by a shoulder area with softer flexor fittings can offer a better reception.

  • bedspring

Design for maximum comfort

With each generation of the family Suncini seems to fit a type of bed base. And now, in direct Essedue Claudia, Stephanie and David Suncini, wood remains the protagonist, albeit and opening new mobile software, bed bases, networks, convertible and darredo complements. In short, more than half a century of dynamic people who work to better sleep customers. Research and design come together to offer the best performance within the networks for bed.