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  • Tip Up lifting mechanism by PB mek

Lifting mechanisms for sofas and chaise longues

Mechanisms for more and more advanced beds, to promote rest by setting comfortable and ergonomic relaxation positions. And ... what if these lifting mechanisms, objectively more advanced than in the past, were also applied to other accessories? Some companies have thought about it, including PB.mek, manufacturer of TipUp®, the innovative system for lifting container beds, designed by the architect Giulio Manzoni. At the latest edition of Sicam, in Pordenone, PB.mek re-proposed the TipUp® mechanism, but also applied to the sofa and chaise longue, thus confirming how a truly functional and aesthetically pleasing result can be obtained from a simple idea.

  • PB mek lifting mechanisms

The comfort of Tip Up

TipUp®, innovates the market by providing an easy and flawless solution to make the daily use of our furnishing accessories as simple as ever! The bed base, or the seat of the sofa, can be lifted using the force of a finger. The special technology of the gas springs ensures that no sudden falls or sudden and unwanted closure of the bed base can occur. Gas springs act as shock absorber for a controlled and constant speed and for the safety of the end users. The high technology of the system and the accuracy of the kinematics represent a guarantee of reliability and real durability over time.