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Tilting orthopedic base

The bed nets are essential to ensure that users have a good rest. Often it gives more importance to the mattress, but if This latter does not rest on solid foundations networks just do not get a rest ottimale.Pozzoli effect since 1964, collaborates with designers of the leading Italian furniture brand for create metal structures for sleeping areas of housing: children and young people's rooms, it bedrooms for couples or singles. There are several types of structures proposed by Pozzoli: flat nets, collapsible networks, to networks and storage orthopedic ribaltabili.Allultimo Expo Sicam, Pozzoli has proposed Click Top (design G. Manzoni, in the first photo), a metal mesh orthopedic hinged vertically with piston mechanism and hardware to support with or without shelf. Available with shelf hardware or only hardware table.

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orthopedic bed

The bed nets are defined orthopedic when they give relief to the muscular-skeletal system during sleep Their function is to write off some of the weight of the users, and the mattress, making the rest as more pleasant as possible. Pozzoli the enterprise, specializing in orthopedic is structured with the most modern machinery to make all in-house products, without lausilio of external structures. In the company, you can see AllOpera a laser cutting machine that allows you to create different products on the basis of custom designs of imprese.Tra the latest creations presented at Expo Sicam 2014, stands out Click-V Sof Syncro (design G. Manzoni , in the second photo) in a folding orthopedic metal net vertically with piston mechanism, which has an orthopedic basis for synchronized bench

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extractable networks

The pull-out bed nets are very functional, practical and above all saves space. Those with auxiliary mechanism for the reconstruction of the bed are very popular with users. Pozzoli proposes such an opening orthopedic metal net of container vertically with the bed-making mechanism (in third photo) .A continuous technological research, special attention in the design, study of patents, use of high quality raw materials allow Pozzoli to achieve an important goal: the creation of excellent products.? In addition to catalog products designed by in-house team, Pozzoli can create customized products based on the designs of companies.