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Furniture Laminates

The laminate, for its advantageous characteristics regarding resistance to impact, scratches, leaks, steam and allumidit, currently one of the most used materials for the decor of homes. Can imitate any surface aesthetically, the laminate is often lends itself to affordable purchases, guaranteeing excellent performance. Sometimes, however, this material still considered low quality, but it is a mistake! There are of course poor rolled, but simply inquire to identify instead of very high performance range and solutions demanded by the market. But we discover together what it tratta.Il a laminate wood-like coating usually applied to various materials such as lMdf, chipboard or honeycomb. Such a coating (known in the past as ant) u200bu200bconsists of panels obtained by pressing them between layers of paper soaked in melamine or phenolic resins. In particular, the most used laminate composed of three layers: the outer protective layer or overlay, strengthened by melamine resins; another layer soaked in melamine resin molded decoration or solid; and the kart consists of one or more layers of paper dipped in phenolic resins, which can be produced in different colors, or coupled to sheets of magnetic material or aluminum, on request for special realizations.

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the laminate characteristics

the commonly used laminate has usually a thickness of 0.6 mm. There are various types of laminate, different according to the processing they undergo, and to the resins referred to are impregnated. They distinguish mainly three types of laminates: Hpl or Hight Pressure Laminate, which is subjected, as the name implies, to a very high pressing and that this is much more durable; It is used in furniture for top in the kitchen and bathrooms and furniture that can be highly stressed. It is still the most recommended and valuable laminate type. Instead Cpl? Oo Continuous Pressure Laminate, a laminate subjected to a continuous pressure but less strong, and therefore less resistant. It is usually used to coat furniture that are not subjected to high stresses, such as doors, shoulders and hips of furniture. Finally the CHPL or Continuous Hight Pressure Laminate a laminate obtained by continuous pressing but with the features dellHight Pressure.Per as regards the resins in which they are impregnated, the laminates are distinguished especially in polymer, in which a wooden panel is coated pvc or other synthetic material, which, in addition to convey a pleasing appearance, ensures resistance to scratches and liquids; melamine? if the laminate coated with an impregnated sheet of melamine resins; phenolic if the paper used for the laminate was impregnated with phenolic resins.