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decorative laminate

simple resistant surfaces and high performance. The decorative laminates are something more: there are many companies in the sector operating with the image consistency of their products by looking for patterns and textures capable of striking the attention, excite, inspire, change the perception. Why the laminate has assumed a real identity, reinterpretandosi, turning into a metaphor of change constantly evolving, often with the support of well-known designer.Ad example, Footprints the new collection of finishes for melamine Fantoni Group, It obtained through an innovative technology that adds to the surfaces unulteriore size. The great flexibility of this system far exceeds that of traditional plates of finishing, facilitating product customization as well as the verification of market trends.

  • decorative laminate Fantoni

Fantoni decorative

Fingerfree, always in the collection Imprints, a new super-matt laminate finish totally anti-fingerprint, and defines a new quality standard. The laminate, whose thickness can vary from 0.15 to 1 mm, can be offered with antibacterial technology, and thus particularly intended for kitchen and bathroom areas, where there the most attention to the quality of superfici.Nato mainly for the doors from inside the sector, and then the coating of jambs and architraves, Lignoflex a new laminate which perfectly combines the requirements of flexibility and surface resistance, boasting a radius of curvature even under 1.5 mm with scratch resistance level 5 according to the strict regulations 438. These values u200bu200bSIGN new standards of quality in the world of thin laminates, offering customers a versatile and capable of ensuring important economic benefits.