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What are furniture laminates

What are laminates and whyé they are always moreù widespread? Laminates are sheets of chipboard or plywood coated on one side with a thin sheet of melamine resin , glued with contact glue. In this way the panel is characterized by a resistant and hard surface.

Lamination is frequently performed on both sides of the panel, which is &is; also called plastic laminate : it is a sheet composed of phenolic resins (support) and melamine (decorative aesthetic surface) glued così to form thin cuts, used as panel cladding.

This surface has the più effects; various - matte, glossy, orange peel, silk-screened - and più designs; various, as evidenced by the high-pressure stratified laminates, whose decorations range from briars to pigments, from the grain of natural wood to geometries.

Many companies in the sector work constantly on the image of their products through the search for decorations and textures capable of intriguing, exciting, inspiring, diverting perception. That's whyé the laminate has taken on a real identity, distinguishing itself and reinterpreting itself, becoming the metaphor of changes and a work in continuous evolution, often thanks to the support of well-known designers.

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Abet Laminati Print HPL laminates

Among the most successful companies in this field stands Abet Laminati , which produces Print HPL (High Pressure Laminates), high pressure laminates whose exceptional longevity characteristics; and resistance to all kinds of solicitations are ensured at a European level.

The decorative of the Colors collection by Abet Laminati participate in the Razione K exhibition by Giulio Iacchetti at the Milan Triennale. For the realization of the plans d’ support that constitute the fulcrum of the’ installation of the exhibition Razione K, d’ military inspiration, 10 decorations by Abet Laminati were used, selected because& eacute; they immediately refer to the typical colors of the military world: a palette of shadesà which completes and enhances the food material in use in the various armies of the world which is exhibited on those floors and which obviously links up with the upcoming Expo, whose common thread is è “ Feeding the Planet&rdquo ;.