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  • Polaris Abet

The Polaris collection

Abet is characterized by its cutting edge production, always loads dinnovazione. Among the latest products, Polaris stands out, which is a fixed point, arrival, one other area, especially deep and full. The color could be called dark, resulting in an imaginative effect, truly innovative. Polaris leads the field of next-generation products designed by Abet and represents a sophisticated and lasting reference for designers and the most curious designers, who aspire to an unprecedented yield.

  • Abet, Polaris

Polaris features

Fruit of stylistic and technical research of Abet, Polaris a revolutionary product, warm and soft to the touch, with extraordinary characteristics: highly resistant to scratching and heat and anti-fingerprint. Linedito combination durable / velvety Polaris transforms into a futuristic dallappeal surface, therefore ideal for ultra contemporary projects, which delights the senses with a unique and gradevole.Sono effect ten colors that make lintenso chromatic range of Polaris: lopacit extreme declines in five cold and five warm shades. Black Dallabissale toward the bright white, passing through the lightness of delicate nuance sand, pearl gray and soft, then black and fluxes. Abet offering a real journey in dellopacit size and strength, to meet any tendency of the project and provide elegance to the interior.