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Rauvisio Fino, a resistant and versatile surface

Rehau, a company that has long established itself on the international market thanks to its innovative solutions for the furniture industry, expands its range of activities also entering the lacquered components sector: in this spring 2018 has launched Rauvisio Fino, a polymer laminate for fronts of vertical furniture. A new surface developed to offer both manufacturers and interior designers an alternative to the most classic painted elements, of lower cost but at the same time of high quality. On the one hand, in fact, Rauvisio Fino ensures all the advantages that distinguish the processing of polymers, first of all a great resistance and durability; on the other hand, it allows obtaining excellent results from an aesthetic point of view both in the home (in the kitchen, in the bathroom but also in the living room) and in offices and shops. Available in a glossy version and in a matt version, to meet the different needs and respond to current trends, Rehau's new proposal is more precisely a multi-layer polymer surface realized on a reel and equipped with a coating that increases the level of protection relative to chemical agents and at the risk of scratches.

An ecological surface and available in different colors

Rehau has enriched Rauvisio, the well-known range of thermoplastic polymer laminate surfaces for the furniture industry, with the Fino lacquered line, designed for the fronts of vertical furniture. Being extremely flexible, you can work with the same tools used for wood and is supplied in large sheets (2.800x1220x18 mm) glued on a white MDF panel. The latter, covered in melamine on the back, combines perfectly with all the edges proposed by the same company; easy, thus, to obtain furniture components with an impeccable image. We specify that the edges of Rehau's Raukantex Pro collection are suitable for any type of processing (from laser to hot-air, from plasma to infrared), have a functional layer in 100% polymeric material and allow a zero leak effect that does not it loses itself over time and translates into a pleasant chromatic continuity between the edge and the panel. It should also be noted that the new Rauvisio Fino ecological lacquered surface, free of halogens and PVC, can be recycled: this confirms the attention in terms of sustainability on which the company philosophy is based. To allow maximum compositional freedom, as well as creative, Rauvisio Fino proposed in eight different nuances: Ice, Cream, Vanilla, Stone, Raven, Shadow, Silk and Slate. In this way it fits harmoniously in any context, keeping its brilliance intact thanks to its high resistance to ultraviolet rays.