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  • Laminated glass effect polimetico

The polymeric glass for interior design

Thank Rauvisio crystal and crystal Rauvisio slim, REHAU d a strong shock to the glass applications market with uninnovazione that compensates entirely the disadvantages of the glass, by combining the benefits with the positive features of thermoplastic laminates. Daltro hand, the use of glass in furniture manufacturing and furniture a timeless trend: the elegance and value that this material gives parts of kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, will reconfirm the time the lead role in interior design.Dunque, to break the limitations of his work, REHAU, a leading company in the production of components for the furniture industry, has developed Rauvisio crystal, linnovativa surface thermoplastic polymer laminate that allows you to design with maximum creative freedom furniture sible brilliant glass, exploiting all the advantages and flexibility offered by polymeric materials. Recommended for the design front, sides, niches and wall coverings thanks to the variant with reduced thickness of only 4 mm, crystal Rauvisio a complete and versatile component that allows you to give free rein to the creativity of manufacturers and furniture and interior designer .

  • Rehau, polymer laminated glass effect

Features laminated glass effect polymetric

By weight and supplied in large plates, this REHAU surface allows to realize different forms, to make cuts custom tailored and flexible perforations for all types of handle, at all times, satisfying any design requirement, functional and creative. The Rauvisio crystal design glass effect comes from the perfect combination of edge and surface indissoluble ununione guaranteed by the edging process without leaks No adhesives which REHAU pioneer: the combined use with the edges of the RAUKANTEX line RAUKANTEX pro and plus, proposed in different variants and compatible with all the types of processing including laser, Hot-Air, NIR, allows to develop visually perfect semi-finished, adding an exceptional three-dimensional and transparent effect that faithfully reproduces the appearance of real glass. The absence of joints between edge and panel also makes the surface easier to clean, while The innovative UV lacquering process provides maximum resistance to scratches and usura.Declinato in extra thin version Rauvisio crystal slim, perfect for a vertical use such as the replacement of tile walls in the event of restructuring, the REHAU surface available in White Pearl, Magnolia, Carnelian (red), Mint (green), Azure (blue), smoke (gray) and Sand (beige) , which correspond to edging solutions in perfect color match.