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  • tile adhesive laminating

The laminating adhesive that turns tiles

Today apply on their tiles a durable adhesive laminating which reproduces to perfection a multitude of stones, patterns, designs and colors you can! The solution is called Tileskin and allows you to change the look of their tiles without inaugurate a construction site in casa.Onice, slate, brass, mosaic tiles, marble is valuable materials, expensive and complicated to install in their homes. Instead Tileskin you can apply without any masonry work, with a very low financial investment than a real restructuring. And 'guaranteed up to five years and available in dozens of colors and graphics, in the measures of its piastrelle.Le tile for the bathroom with this cover are able to resist water and to absorb odors for over two years while those for the kitchen, to be placed behind the fires, are resistant to heat and cleaning. The coverings for the floor tiles are obviously non-slip, sturdy and resistant to private domestic use and represent marble, cement, parquet, metals, stones, mosaics ... Tileskin removed without effort and with Window, the trompe glimpses collection l'oeil, can open in ten minutes a window in a blind bathroom overlooking New York, Venice or ... on a tropical beach.

  • tile adhesive laminating

Tileskin, a wide range

Two hundred shades of color, dozens of combinations and ready-made decorations, thousands of possibilities to be realized in five finishes. Tileskin offers a veritable universe of laminations ready to transform ambienti.Tileskin exists In OnlyDress and OnlyDressBrigh, opaque and brilliant decorative laminates, SmellTrap which adds the odor absorbing function, NoSlip, even more resistant and anti-slip designed for floor tiles. Very much in demand in 2015 and finally ready after months of testing and quality control version Heat Resistant, the line able to withstand heat, designed for the kitchen, dedicated to the wall behind the fires. The debut of Tileskin, launched at the Salone del Mobile 2015, marked the Italian market dellinterior design, since it is an easy rolling to be applied on tiles, colorful and durable like a second skin, which conquered architects, creative, designer and pubblico.Tileskin will present at MaterialsVillage of MaterialConneXion hub at Superstudio Art Garden (via Tortona 27- Milan), 12 to 17 April 2016, during the Fuori Salone.