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  • top plastic laminate of Topstar

worktops Laminate

Undoubtedly, the work tops made of laminated plastic are the most used dallindustria mobile because of their qualitative characteristics, including substantial resistance to scratching, heat, steam, water, stains, to ' shock and even abrasion. Some companies, such as Topstar, have production lines that deliver worktops and laminate shelves, with such quality, in over one hundred different profiling, using the main types of media available on the market, including chipboard, MDF , HDF, plywood, honeycomb and over fifteen hundred decorative.

  • Top plastic laminate Topstar

Top plastic laminate

Not for nothing Topstar unazienda with an experience in the twenty post-forming industry, which creates work plans and components in plastic laminate and chipboard for the furniture industry. The production of semi-finished bar and worktops, the enterprise has gradually joined the one of the doors, expanding over time profiling and decorative available. Today Topstar come to the realization of unampia range of finished products with a high customization. Topstar stands for absolute respect for the environment. A choice seen from the selection of materials, safe at every stage of the production processes. certified and guaranteed by materials suppliers are used: Topstar every customer has the security to count on a reliable parternship and to get the best products in the industry. At the laboratory, to verification and confirmation, are performed at regular intervals the main quality testing, in accordance with the standards UNI EN (strength of adhesion to the substrate, the resistance of edges to heat and water, etc.) Or on request customer specifications.