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  • Rexa Design of fiber

Fiber printed fabric effect

Powered by Rexa Design, an innovative fiber coating made of molded fiber for coating and customize walls, floors and furniture with two textile dispirazione decorations, the Spiked and Natt in three colorazioni.Ambedue hand-drawn by designer Monica Graffeo , it comes to decorations that convey a feeling of softness and craftsmanship, and that reflect the fresh taste and sought to Rexa design. The coating is bonded with adhesive on floors and walls, but also furniture, customizing The area bathroom, even those in the shower area, made it perfectly waterproof thanks to the drafting of glue and protettivo.Fibra in addition to the considerable aesthetic improves the structural performance and allows to minimize the risk of detachment of the walls of the components in the event of earthquakes and consequently prolong the evacuation time from buildings.