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Aecore, an innovative thermoplastic laminate

Alfatherm, the leading European company in the production of thermoplastic films, in particular of rigid, semi-rigid and plasticised PVC, has gained an important recognition. Aecore, an innovative thermoplastic laminate made for the world of architecture and design, has been selected by ADI Design Index 2017, a prestigious publication that illustrates the candidates for the Compasso Gold Award ADI 2018 and the National Innovation Prize, sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic. The Alfatherm Aecore laminates will be exhibited until October 17, 2017 at the exhibition of selected products in Milan at the Museum of Science and Technology; From October 26th to November 8th it is possible to see them in Rome at the House of Architecture, Roman Aquarius. Aecore laminates are the result of the synergy between two industry experts: the task of developing them was entrusted to Giuseppe Cerizza, technical director of Alfatherm, while coordinator of color and surface choices was taken by architect Fabrizio Bianchetti. These new products are destined to market on the market thanks to their appealing aesthetics and a high level of functionality and versatility. It also features a distinctive ecological footprint: in the production process a percentage of 50 # 37 of recycled products is used. Thanks to the wide range of surfaces, designs and colors, but also to the evolution of cutting-edge techniques such as OLED 3D printing and embossed-in-register technology (embossed to log), which exalts the wood effect by giving a very visual effect realistic, Aecore laminates allow you to create customized solutions in the most diverse environments.

Surface coatings for any surface

Versatile and modern, solid and at the same time extremely flexible, anti-fingerprint effect with soft-touch effect, the laminates of the new Alfecat Aecore collection allow every bend radius, ideal for covering any interior surface and are perfectly suited for offices as well in stores. They are resistant to flames, scratches and wear and do not fear the humidity; thanks to bactericidal properties, the sanitary facilities are also suitable. Aecore laminates are among the products selected by ADI Design Index 2017: exhibited at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan and the House of Architecture in Rome, will be submitted to the jury of Compasso d Oro in 2018. The Compasso d Oro, conceived in 1954 by La Rinascente and two years later donated to the ADI (Association for Industrial Design) the most prestigious recognition of the production and design quality of goods, services, processes and systems of Italian design. All the prized and gifted goods are collected in the largest Historic Design Collection, declared in 2004 of national interest. ADI Design Index, moreover, since 2009 coincides with the annual selection for the National Innovation Award, sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic. This important award sees each year ADI reporting of three particularly significant innovation products, identified among those published on the ADI Design Index.